Metric Bonded seals kit


Metric Bonded seals kit in Nitrile material

Metric Bonded Seals Kit. These bonded seals kits are essential for emergencies and quick repairs.

These Bonded Seals kits contain an assortment of high quality, durable, Nitrile / Stainless steel bonded seals. Our metric bonded seals kits are presented in a box and are organised for quick reference and easy storage.

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Metric Bonded Seals Kit contents:

75 pieces in total

Stock Code Metric size Quantity
BON-206-4490-41 6mm BSP NBR MILD STEEL 15
BON-212-4490-41 8mm BSP NBR MILD STEEL 15
BON-217-4490-41 10mm BSP NBR MILD STEEL 12
BON-222-4490-41 12mm BSP NBR MILD STEEL 10
BON-227-4490-41 14mm BSP NBR MILD STEEL 8
BON-229-4490-41 16mm BSP NBR MILD STEEL 6
BON-236-4490-41 22mm BSP NBR MILD STEEL 5
BON-242-4490-41 30mm BSP NBR MILD STEEL 4

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